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<Twisted Memory> [Horde] is a group of experienced like minded raiders that have recently left their previous guilds and joined together. We will be raiding Tuesday, Wednesday and Sunday evenings from 8:30-11:30 EST, with 11:30-12:00 available on an as needed basis. With our group coming from various servers and guilds we have decided to grow our new community on Thrall a High pop PvE EST server. Our core members have varying levels of previous raiding experience from Vanilla to present, but all are Mythic quality raiders. 

Twisted Memory is focused on putting the fun and enjoyment back into raiding while continuing to push the guild's progression and our characters to the limits. Many of us have been a part of hardcore server first guilds in the past and would like to bring a similar intensity and level of play to a more casual schedule. While attendance is key to a guild's success Blizzard has alleviated most potential issues with Normal and Heroic being scalable from 10-30 players; therefore allowing raid teams greater flexibility, while we expect players to commit to our raids we understand there is more to life than WoW. To be clear we will be clearing Mythic content but are willing to work with flexible schedules. 

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